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‘Penny Lane Apartments?’ – Public Consultation, Site Investigation And Feasibility Assessment

With permission from the Village of Kaslo, the Kaslo Housing Society and their partners New Commons Development, Small Communities Initiative are doing detailed site investigations to determine the feasibility of a rental housing project on fully serviced Village land. The site to be investigated is on land behind the Kemball Centre building, currently comprised of […]

Waiting List for Rental Housing for Kaslo

In support of our continuous efforts to explore and assess opportunities to provide Safe, Accessible and Affordable Housing to members of our community, your assistance in helping us prepare to provide for your housing needs is greatly appreciated. Please, take a few moments to visit our Waiting List and add your information. Thank you! Click […]

Kaslo Housing Society – AGM

The Kaslo Housing Society AGM will take place Thursday, November 12 via Zoom. We are looking for new board members. If you’d like to contribute to efforts to create affordable housing in Kaslo by joining our board, please contact.Erika Bird For the Zoom link to the AGM click below. To Join the Zoom Meeting, either […]