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Kaslo Housing Society AGM April 4th, 201...

DRAFT Minutes (to be approved at the 2019 AGM): Welcome & Call to order 7:09pm Board members in attendance: Erika Bird, Donna Cormie, Debra Barrett, Cloé Bayeur-Holland,  Marie-Ange Fournier-Beck, Tara Lynn Clapp, Kevin Flaherty (Staff), Henry Van Mill (Liaison) Membership in attendance: Approximately 40 members Approve agenda: Donna Cormie moves, Kate O’Keefe M/C Approve 2017 […]

What’s happening with Kaslo Housing Init

 The Kaslo Housing Society and Housing Coordinator Kevin Flaherty are working on several innovative projects and ideas to help alleviate the housing crisis in our community. This year’s KHS Annual General meeting is scheduled for ‪March 11, and we are planning a separate public meeting in early May. The purpose of the May meeting will […]