DRAFT Minutes (to be approved at the 2019 AGM):

  1. Welcome & Call to order 7:09pm
  2. Board members in attendance: Erika Bird, Donna Cormie, Debra Barrett, Cloé Bayeur-Holland,  Marie-Ange Fournier-Beck, Tara Lynn Clapp, Kevin Flaherty (Staff), Henry Van Mill (Liaison)
  3. Membership in attendance: Approximately 40 members
  4. Approve agenda: Donna Cormie moves, Kate O’Keefe M/C
  5. Approve 2017 AGM minutes:  Move to accept Karen Pidcock, second Lorna Lousie.  M/C
  6. Report from the Chair (Erika Bird): Strategic Plan- Set strategic plan at first board meeting, Marie-Ange was designated to monitor our progress on the plan.  Towards the end of 2017 we deviated from plan in order to put together ‘Expression of Interest’ to CBT/BC Housing.  Village Liaison- Henry Van Mill appointed as our new liaison.   Rental market study- was completed and provided us with useful information for funding applications.  Advocacy- joint letter writing effort regarding hydro costs for residents.   Ministerial Brief- Mayor Hewatt and Director Watson were present for meeting with the minister.  Delegations and partnerships- participated in a variety of networking meetings, including Habitat for Humanity, CTQ (VoK), Michelle Mungal, etc.  Fundraising: Quilt “A Home for Everyone”.  Membership Drive- increased our membership from 51 at last year’s AGM to 151 members as of tonight!   Housing Coordinator- obtained funding for the position, hired Kevin Flaherty.  Expression of Interest- 14 million in funding from CBT available for rental housing initiatives through a partnership with BC Housing.  We submitted a comprehensive application for our project.  Obtained 99 year – lease from village for river side land.  We were supposed to have results of our application for tonight but we have learned it will be another month before we know. 
  7. Motion to receive/accept Chair’s report:  Susan Hewatt, Karen Pidcock M/C
  8. Introduce Housing Coordinator: Kevin Flaherty Introduction.  Said nice things about the board and talked about the coming year and his commitment to the job.  Shared his new office email and phone number.  He will be keeping regular office hours.  
  9. Report from the Treasurer (Tara Clapp): Fundraising income in 2017: Winter in the Forest we made $3000, jazz fest $1500, Quilt: $500.  We spent about $5000 on administration, research, conferences. 
  10. Move to accept report:  Carol Brown, Kate O’Keefe, M/C
  11. Call for volunteers:  Sign up sheets available
Jazz Fest Weekend Campground
iDIDaRide Beer Garden
Winter in the Forest
  12. Nomination and Election of Directors
Terms Continuing: Debra Barrett,
Donna Cormie, Cloé Bayeur Holland, Marie-Ange Fournier-Beck 
Terms Ending: Erika Bird
Term Maximum Served: Tara Clapp
The board nominates Erika Bird.  Member nominations accepted from the floor.
  13. Nominations from the floor: Deborah Nelson (accepted), Christine Parton (accepted), John Rasmussen (accepted), Michael Halliday (accepted), Rita Rasmussen (accepted), Alexandra Halliday (accepted)

Discussion: Board relationships are required to be “at-arm’s-length”.  (Michael & Alexandra Halliday are married, John and Rita Rasmussen are siblings.)  The requirement is not currently part of our bylaws but concern is noted.  Current/acting board will review potential issues and return with recommendations before next regular scheduled meeting.   

  1. Appointment of new directors 

Terms Continuing:

  • Debra Barrett
  • Donna Cormie
  • Cloé Bayeur Holland
  • Marie-Ange Fournier-Beck 

By Acclamation:

  • Erika Bird
  • Deborah Nelson
  • Christine Parton
  • (Pending review of ‘at-arm’s-length’ concerns:)
  • Michael Halliday
  • Alexandra Halliday
  • John Rasmussen
  • Rita Rasmussen
  1. Move to Adjourn Kate O’Keefe M/C!  8:04pm

Refreshments by Donna