Kaslo Housing Society
2018 AGM
Wednesday, April 4th @7PM
Kaslo Seniors Hall

Agenda and Minutes

Kaslo Housing Society AGM
April 4th, 2018


  1. Welcome & Call to order
  2. Approve agenda
  3. Approve minutes 2017 AGM
  4. Report from the Chair

    Introduce Housing Coordinator

  5. Report from the Treasurer
  6. Call for volunteers:

    Jazz Fest Weekend Campground
    iDIDaRide Beer Garden
    Winter in the Forest

  7. Nomination and Election of Directors

    Terms Continuing: Debra Barrett,
    Donna Cormie, Cloé Bayeur Holland, Marie-Ange Fournier-Beck

    Terms Ending: Erika Bird

    Term Maximum Served: Tara Clapp

    The board nominates Erika Bird.  Member nominations accepted from the floor.

  8. Appointment of new directors
  9. Adjourn

Refreshments by Donna

Feedback or Questions?


Kaslo Housing Society

Annual General Meeting

March 13, 2017


1. Call to Order 7:07. Welcome

In attendance:

Board: Erika Bird, Tara Lynne Clapp, Cloe Bayeur-Holland, Debra Barrett, Marie-Ange Fournier-Beck

Paid Memberships (10): Donna Cormie, Rick Korens, Kate O’Keefe, Tony Frary, Christa Dietz, Noella Chouinard, Lorna Louise, Karen Pidcock, Elaine Richinger, Hugh Walker

Other (4): Kelli Knoll, Osa Thatcher, Christine Delisle, Jan Nicholson


2. Minutes from 2016 AGM, Cloe Bayeur-Holland Move to accept minutes. Motion Carried

3. Report from the Chair, Erika Bird

Discussed appointment of Debra to fill Mike’s spot, who stepped down shortly after the AGM.

Discussed housing need in Kaslo, several families and individuals seeking housing, several more living in sub-standard housing. The board’s work plan for 2016 was well established already. Four main points, not all were pursued. Aging in Place for example, there were barriers to our qualification and we were short-handed so we prioritized our efforts.

Cloe addressed the Landlord study, the ethical/privacy issues that were encountered, and the redesigning of the study to include renters and for anonymous and voluntary engagement through online/printed questionnaires.

Discussed investigation into possible purchase of mobile home park, eventual withdrawal from project.

Discussed ‘lover’s camping’ fundraiser during Jazz Fest.

Discussed MOU (memorandum of understanding). This was a requirement of CBT for working with us. Kaslo’s CAO was very helpful in orchestrating this. Signed by Village, RDCK, Shelter Society (Abby Manor). NKLCSS and the Chamber of Commerce provided letters of support.

Discussed ‘lessons learned’ over period of months, we established working relationships with CBT, BCH, CMHC.

Discussed other activities: policy for village liaison, fiscal policy, investigated directors liability insurance, Winter in the Forest, new office (request for shared users).

Move to accept report: Motion Carried

4. Report from the Treasurer, Tara Lynne Clapp

Expressed interest in a ‘community investment fund’

Presented 2016 finances. Increase in memberships. Change in financial arrangement to provide better interest return.

Grant money to be spent by December 2017, towards landlord/rental study and feasibility.

Move to accept report: Motion Carried

5. Election of Directors.

Continuing Directors: Erika Bird, Tara Lynne Clapp, Cloe Bayeur-Holland

Resigned mid-term: Mike Moehler. Appointed mid-term: Debra Barrett

Call for nominations from the floor: Donna Cormie (nominated by Debra, seconded by Karen Pidcock)

Board nominates Debra Barrett and Marie-Ange Fournier-Beck

New Board: Erika Bird, Tara Lynne Clapp, Cloe Bayeur-Holland, Debra Barrett, Marie-Ange Fournier-Beck, Donna Cormie

6. Motion to Adjourn. 7:52 Motion Carried!

Member Consultation Session

We have three potential priority projects, and we would like your direction on which way to proceed. Tara will give a brief presentation describing the board’s three main ideas. Afterwards, we ask that you move around the room making comments and asking questions at the four stations (the last station dedicated to ideas you have that we have not considered.) We will do our best to record all your ideas and comments.

Please help yourself to the refreshments as you help us set our next priorities!

**See “2017 KHS AGM Discussion Notes”