Kaslo Housing Society – Minutes AGM 2023

November 18, 2023 – 3 PM

Board Members Present: Alexandra Halliday, Kathie Hanson, Wanda Ammon, Kevin Flaherty, Tara Lynne
Clapp, Erika Bird, John Whittaker, 14 KHS members1

1. Call to Order – Alexandra will be Chair of todays AGM
2 Quorum verified
3 Approval of 2022 Minutes
4 Treasurers Report – Presented by Wanda Ammon (attached) – approved
5 Report from the Chair – approved

The Executive Report was delivered by Kevin in Kate’s absence.
The highlight of the year was the culmination of the Penny Lane Apartment construction adding 10 units of affordable housing in a desirable location in Kaslo.
Thanks to BC Housing, Canada Mortgage & Housing Corp., Village of Kaslo, New Commons Development and North Mountain Construction and the many other grantors and supporters for all of the work to making this happen.
Another big event was the transition from the construction phase of the project to the management phase. A Building Manager was hired and tenants were able to take up residency in July.
The board has now hired 2 employees, a Building Manager, and a Bookkeeper, and also has a candidate to fill the role of Executive Director, pending board approval.
Kevin then spoke to the changes to the board with Kate O’Keefe coming on as chair, and Erika Bird being elected to village council. John Whittaker joined the board part way through the year and Kathie Hanson volunteered to fill the role of Secretary when it became vacant.
The board has learned much in the past year, and worked well together to get things done. New Commons was a great help in getting our project together. Thanks to Michael Allaire, who is doing a great job as building manager. Thanks to Christine Parton, who worked hard on our policies and to Alicia Sargeant, for all of her work developing organizational systems for the new
The current board has gone from dreamers, to planners, to builders, to managers and are now looking forward to returning to being dreamers once again.

6 Erika Cizek, guest speaker
Erika is a Master's Student in Human Geography, in the department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Alberta. Her thesis research focuses on the housing affordability crisis in small towns in the interior of British Columbia.
Erika had a very interesting presentation pertaining to the effect of Short Term Rentals on housing availability in Kaslo. It was of great interest to the membership and there were some great questions and conversations around the information presented.

7 Election of Board members
1 year left of 2 year term Wanda Ammon
Erika Bird
Alexandra Halliday
Returning for 1 year term Kevin Flaherty
Standing for 2 year terms Tara Clapp
Erika Cizek
John Whittaker
Kathie Hanson

None opposed
Nomination by Susan Hewat: David Cheatley
None opposed

Alexandra wishes to thank all of the supportive businesses in Kaslo and especially Kaslo Sourdough,
Eric’c meat market, Cornucopia & Donna Cormie for the great snacks provided today

8 Move to Adjourn at 4:22 PM