Kaslo Housing Society AGM 
March 11th, 2019


Welcome & Call to order: 7:14pm

Members in attendance: Erika Bird, John Rasmussen, Christine Parton, Debra Barrett, Kevin Flaherty, Henry Van Mill, Susan Hewat, Andy Shadrack, Kate O’Keefe, Alexandra Halliday, Cloé Bayeur-Holland, Miriam Halliday, Dianna Parker, Miranda Halliday. (Bylaws set quorum at 10 members in good standing)

Approve agenda:

Approve 2018 AGM minutes: Amend minutes to reflect that Cloe was entering 1st year of her last term at the 2018 AGM, not the last term of her 3rd term as was stated. Move to adopt:

Report from the Chair (Erika Bird): See attached Chair’s report

Motion to receive/accept Chair’s report: M/C

Report from the Treasurer (John Rasmussen): See financial report

Motion to receive the Treasurer’s report: M/C

Report from the Housing Coordinator (Kevin Flaherty): See Housing Coordinator’s report, discussion of Lover’s project, Aging in Place project and Landlords Working to End Homelessness project.

Nomination and Election of Directors:

Nominations from the floor: Christine nominates Debra for second term, Christine seconds. Alexandra nominates Dianna Parker, Miriam seconds.

Appointment of new directors: Debra and Dianna appointed by acclamation.

Member draw for Skilsaw: Winner Bob Cameron

Adjournment: Andy motions to adjourn @ 8:09pm, M/C

Refreshments by Alexandra