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CWEH – Community Working To End Homelessness – Update:

The Kaslo Housing Society was successful in securing a grant from the Columbia Basin Trust and some community donations to seek to implement the Communities Working to End Homelessness program in Kaslo. The idea of this program was that the Kaslo Housing Society would rent a housing unit from a landlord and guarantee rent and insurance, and that a tenant currently living in an inadequate housing situation or who met criteria for housing vulnerability would sublet the rental from the KHS. Over the past 18 months we negotiated with a few willing landlords, but were unable to move forward on a rent-assistance only basis.

To be successful in a future similar effort, we would need to engage landlords with tenant-ready housing, and re-apply for funding. We feel that the program could be an important one to assist tenants or housing-insecure people in Kaslo, but have ended active efforts on this program at this time.