The CWEH works with a Landlord who leases to the KHS an accessible, affordable, adequate unit for at least 1 year. KHS sublets this housing to an individual, who is currently living in inadequate accommodation in the community, or who is highly vulnerable, based on a lack of an appropriate living situation. Key to successful CWEH housing are ongoing regular small financial donations from community members and support services provided by the Housing Support Worker/Navigator. The Housing Navigator acts as liaison with the Landlord and Tenant and provides persons selected to receive housing through the CWEH program with support services and case management. The KHS, the Landlord and the Tenant work to ensure tenant housing success.
The CWEH Project is guided by the CWEH Steering Committee, comprised of representatives of the KHS, community organizational partners, the KHS Housing Coordinator, the CWEH Support Worker/Navigator and community funding partners.
The KHS is grateful to the Columbia Basin Trust for a $5000 Small Project Grant received in 2019 to assist in meeting the start up costs associated with the CWEH Project.

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Update – October 2020

The Kaslo Housing Society was successful in securing a grant from the Columbia Basin Trust and some community donations to seek to implement the Communities Working to End Homelessness program in Kaslo. The idea of this program was that the Kaslo Housing Society would rent a housing unit from a landlord and guarantee rent and insurance, and that a tenant currently living in an inadequate housing situation or who met criteria for housing vulnerability would sublet the rental from the KHS. Over the past 18 months we negotiated with a few willing landlords, but were unable to move forward on a rent-assistance only basis.

To be successful in a future similar effort, we would need to engage landlords with tenant-ready housing, and re-apply for funding. We feel that the program could be an important one to assist tenants or housing-insecure people in Kaslo, but have ended active efforts on this program at this time.

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Is a  program for keeping seniors in their Kaslo homes, while adding affordable rental units and neighbours.
With the development and establishment of this program, the Kaslo Housing Society is exploring the feasibility of giving seniors (aging in place) and others a creative option for living in Kaslo, while helping to meet everyone’s changing housing needs. The potential and important details of this option are being explored as a result of conversations with seniors in our community.

How it Would Work

  • Our short term goal is to identify 5 Residents and Properties in Kaslo and area where we might initiate a Pilot Project. This Pilot Project would:
  • Provide Seniors with the option to age in place for as long as they choose through renovations, including those, which make their homes more energy efficient, cheaper and easier to maintain.
  • Provide new, affordable housing units for Younger Couples and Singles, pairing Seniors with Younger Renters.
  • Ensure long-term affordability for Seniors and for the Tenants in the newly constructed units by seeking government funding for the new construction.

Some Easy First Steps

The Kaslo Housing Society is looking for Seniors who wish to talk with us about their needs and if this project is something that might work for them.
We will begin by meeting with you to talk about your housing needs and about the suitability of individual situations for consideration of inclusion in this pilot project. We are happy to discuss this project with interested persons. Please, refer to our Contact Us  page to get in touch with us
If together we feel that it is appropriate, we will look at how we might be able to help you add a small rental unit to your property and possibly renovate your existing home to make aging in place easier for you.

If the project moves forward we will:

  • Help make it possible to construct an additional dwelling unit on your property;
  • Help find appropriate persons to live on your property and provide orientation, structure and support to help maintain a strong relationship between you and your tenants;
  • If appropriate, assist you to renovate your home to make it more accessible and suitable for aging in place.

The program will be planned, implemented and managed by the Kaslo Housing Society.

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Many residents of the region have been priced out of the local housing market, yet have the skills and resources to work together to create solutions for themselves. The Kaslo Housing Society works to bring together those in the community who are interested in maintaining and creating affordable housing in Kaslo and Area D. This may involve working to create solutions, such as co-operative housing for themselves or others.

The Kaslo Housing Society is supportive of a Kaslo and Area Affordable Housing Committee which would improve collaboration among those parties with a direct interest in promoting affordable housing and which would undertake the creation of an effective Affordable Housing Strategy for the area.