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KHS Working Towards Accessible, Affordable Housing For Kaslo Residents

The KHS continues to seek solutions to provide housing on the South Kaslo property leased to us by the Village of Kaslo for 99 years. Housing provision here would require providing infrastructure on the land including road, water, sewer and electricity, as well as building new appropriate housing. We have explored the financial and funding implications of providing infrastructure on this property ‘on its own.’ The infrastructure would be more efficient and less costly if developed in the context of an Official Community Plan revision for South Kaslo.

We are excited for the opportunity to participate in an Official Community Plan revision, and are seeking others interested in developing housing or other uses that could contribute to the area. These could include cooperatively owned housing, a community land trust or traditional equity housing.

In addition to our 99 year lease just south of the Kaslo River (Lovers), the Kaslo Housing Society has been evaluating several alternate sites for developing affordable rental housing in Kaslo.

Working in partnership with New Commons Development (a nonprofit development company that works in partnership with community-based nonprofits) KHS was investigating the acquisition and renovation of the partially completed Kaslo Bay condominium development as a way to deliver affordable rental housing to Kaslo. Unfortunately we had to set this project aside for feasibility reasons. We are, however, continually working with New Commons to determine the potential viability and feasibility of other potential project sites.
To learn more about New Commons Development, visit their website New Commons Development