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Big Day for Affordable Housing in Kaslo

When you think of it, a zoning bylaw is one of the very few legal agreements about what villagers can and can’t do on their land that is created and upheld by villagers themselves. You can hardly think of any other set of laws as grassroots as the zoning bylaws. So when a citizen or group of citizens seeks to change the zoning bylaws, the elected council has to proceed carefully. They must make sure they understand the reason for the change, and most importantly, they must allow the public to have their say. That’s what a Public Hearing is all about.

On Monday, November 29 at the Kaslo Legion, citizens of Kaslo will have the opportunity to say what they think about the proposal to change the zoning description of the piece of land behind the Kemball Memorial Centre in downtown Kaslo. The proposal is to change the zoning designation from Civic to Core Residential.

Currently, the land is designated for Civic use. Items of public infrastructure have been stored there for years; the local bus uses it for parking. The proposal is that a better use for the land would be affordable housing. Before that can happen, the zoning bylaw must be amended.

If you come to the 6pm Public Hearing, you will have the opportunity to learn details about the 10-unit affordable housing project – what it will look like, who it will serve, and who will be in charge of construction and future maintenance and operation. Kaslo’s CAO will explain the legal and public process, and the Development Manager for the building project will present drawings and can answer your questions.

The Public Hearing is an especially important day for the Kaslo Housing Society. If we are to build affordable housing in Kaslo, it is crucial that we have informed public support – this new development can only happen with grassroots assent and approval. And that means you!

Note: As per Public Health Orders, attendance in the hall is limited to 50 people. Proof of vaccination is not required, but you must wear a mask. Village staff will do their best to stream the Hearing online. If participating virtually is your preference, watch for a link to the meeting on Facebook or email