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Public process for RDCK/CBT Community Initiatives grant

We are reaching out to the members of our community at this time to ask for your support for KHS’ proposed building (working title: Penny Lane Apartments). KHS has applied for $15,000 from the Columbia Basin Trust Community Initiatives and Affected Areas Program Funding (CIP/AAP). The money, if granted, will be spent on work that is required before KHS can make a building permit application.

This $15,000 is only a portion of the approximately $78,725 budgeted for site investigations that will aid in preparing design drawings and specifications for the site. The remaining $63,725 will be secured by other funding sources.

Just like in 2020, the CIP/AAP public engagement process will be online. Your feedback on the Penny Lane Apartments funding application will be reviewed by an adjudication committee based out of Kaslo and RDCK Area D. They, in turn, will offer their recommendations to the RDCK Board of Directors.

As this online engagement process is now open for public input, please visit the RDCK website at to show your support for our application for $15,000. The window for commenting on KHS’s application closes on April 9, 2021. For more information about the Penny Lane Apartments project, visit

Please note that there will be opportunities to comment on the project itself once KHS knows that construction funding is in place – hopefully by early summer 2021. The site itself will need to be re-zoned before a building permit can be issued. The re-zoning process will also include a period of public consultation.

Thanking you for your ongoing support!

Your KHS Board Of Directors